Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are extremely important for making sure your door can function properly and continue to operate as expected when you open/close it. There are a few types of springs, and the type of door you have will affect what garage door spring you need. There are extension springs and torsion springs, as well as vertical side springs for less common installs. The most popular type of door is a standard sectional door that lifts up and lays flat above your car spot in the garage.

Both types of garage door springs are found on the very common sectional garage doors. However, if you have a swing-up, side-swinging, or another type of door then you may have vertical springs on both sides, referred to as side springs. Garage Door Houston can work with any brand or type, even if you need to fully replace your door. We can repair or replace any part / component, but if you are not sure what needs to be worked on then you can schedule your free inspection and estimate.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are not hard to replace or repair, so if you know are using extension springs then we can definitely help you out. If you are not sure, you can tell that it's an extension spring by size and placement. Extension springs are long, skinny and they run parallel to each of the horizontal garage door tracks. If you need extension spring replacement, then Garage Door Houston is here to make sure the job is done correctly and affordably!

Torsion Springs

If you have one or more large springs on a strong metal rod that is right above the garage door opening, then you are using torsion springs. We can definitely repair or replace torsion springs, so just give us a call! Your torsion springs are extremely important if you expect your garage door to remain functioning. If your door is not working properly or you notice issues with the spring, make sure you do not attempt repairs on your own. Springs are dangerous to work with, especially for untrained people attempting a do-it-yourself solution. The pressure springs are put under can cause them to explode outwards, so you definitely need a professional garage door company to install them.

Learn More About Garage Door Springs

The garage door spring is responsible for taking on all of the pressure from the garage door. This means the spring is compressed to a point where it naturally wants to expand. This is basic physics, so it's very, very important that spring repair is taken care of by a professional garage door repair company. You definitely do not want to take risks when it comes to fixing springs. If they are aligned improperly or installed incorrectly, you run the risk of having the spring completely explode outwards, breaking your belongings and causing enough damage to actually cause fatal injuries.

If you are not sure if you have an extension spring, or torsion spring, then perhaps you should consider scheduling a garage door inspection. Our company can definitely come out and fully assess the condition of your garage door and all of its components. We can provide you with standard pricing and free estimates for all of your necessary repairs, upgrades, and general maintenance. If you are 100% sure you do not have extension or torsion springs, then it's possible you have vertical springs on either side of the garage door opening - these are referred to as vertical, side springs. Whatever type of spring you have, we are sure we can provide you with a fantastic experience, the best garage door spring repair service, and all of this at a competitive and affordable cost.

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