Car Crash Garage Door Repair

May 18, 2020
Car Crash Garage Door Repair

Driving a car into a garage door will surely do some damage. You may need to fully replace the garage door and need garage track repairs, or even home restoration and remodeling. We provide the best garage door installation and replacement in Houston, Texas. We can offer a FREE ESTIMATE for your garage door repairs or full door replacement. Better yet, we have remodeling experience so any major or minor home repairs and restoration can be fully taken care of.

Your garage door is attached to chain cable mechanisms that allow it to be opened and closed. The door runs along garage tracks that guide the door in a stable manner. Professional garage door installation is needed so that a door can be installed correctly the first time. It is a large piece of machinery that can weigh a lot. Without the proper installers, a garage door can easily be set up wrong and/or collapse. We provide affordable garage door installation in Houston, so give us a call for a full door replacement or new construction and installation. 

A garage door collapse can easily occur when a car crashes into the door by accident. This can permanently damage the door, tracks, opener, and other parts of your home garage. You will need home repairs in Houston if you or someone else has driven a car through your garage door. Even if the appearance is fine or the accident only caused light damage, you need a professional inspection. Allow one of our garage door technicians 

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