Free Estimates for Garage Door Repairs in Houston

February 14, 2020
Free Estimates for Garage Door Repairs in Houston

Garage Door Houston makes it super simple to schedule your free estimate appointment. We will come to your home and fully inspect your garage door to advise you of recommended maintenance, repairs, or required replacements to ensure your garage door is safe for continued and frequent use. It is very important to make sure that the door is functioning properly with no loose, cracked, or missing parts. As garage doors are quite heavy, it is vital that every single component is in working order, is balanced and installed properly, and can withstand the weights and pressure of the door in motion. Your garage door free estimate will provide you with information and pricing for everything that must be done to keep your garage door working smoothly after any necessary services we can provide. 

Scheduling Your Free Estimate

1) You can schedule your free estimate by requesting an appointment via our online contact form, live messaging platform (bottom right of page), or by giving us a call! 

2) We can answer all of your questions over the phone, chat, or email to make sure that we fully understand what you need.

3) We will pick the best time/date for your free estimate appointment, based on our availability and your work or personal schedule! We always strive to be the most flexible. 

4) You will need to give us some additional information, such as your full name, email address, best phone number to reach you on, and your home address. This information stays with us and isn't provided to any other company or person. We use your information to send you appointment confirmation details and "we're on our way" texts or calls. 

Your Free Estimate Appointment

You will receive a text or phone call around 30 minutes to 1 hour before your appointment begins. Please make sure to respond so that we can confirm you are in fact home. We will arrive at your property and will call or text again if we have any trouble finding your door. Once we're there, you can expect the upmost respect for you, your belongings, and your property. All of our dedicated workers are professional, educated, and focused on the importance of your satisfaction. There shouldn't be any issues whatsoever as our technician answers any of your questions and discusses the required work with you. 

A full inspection will be completed so that we fully understand the problems and what needs to be done. We will then be able to provide you with a free estimate to cover all of the work.

Official Free Estimates

Garage Door Houston is proud to offer official estimates that we can honor for quite some time. Of course, very old estimates may need to be reevaluated, especially if your garage door has suffered from further damage or continued use with faulty components. It is better to schedule your repairs and services soon after your estimate to ensure the condition of your garage door will remain unchanged between our inspections and next appointment. This will secure the price that we gave for our work and also make sure your home is safe from any sort of door collapse or break. Our official estimates can be provided to you in person or through email, so that you are sure to receive the best service at the set prices under our official Garage Door Houston letterhead! 

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