Garage Construction Houston

April 23, 2020
Garage Construction Houston

Garage construction in Houston does not have to be difficult or extremely expensive. From basic carports to deluxe garages, our company has built many new garages. For the best garage construction in Houston, give us a call! We will visit your property to provide you with a free estimate for your new home addition, construction, or remodeling project. 

New Home Addition - Garage Construction in Houston

We are a fully insured and licensed construction company Houston has come to trust and rely on. We believe in offering affordable construction, accurate estimates, and honest work. If you need a new home addition for new garage construction then give us a call. The first stage of your project is to make sure the correct foundation is laid so that your new garage is sturdy and built to last. Once this is done, we can construct framing, support beams, and other structures for your garage. We will build strong walls and handle all exterior and interior decorating. We can then install your garage door tracks, the new garage door, an automatic opener, safety sensors, wall-mounted control panels, and program your garage door remotes.

Houston Garage Construction: Free Estimate

The first step is to schedule your free estimate appointment so we can fully inspect your home and plan your garage construction and remodeling project.

We will provide accurate, free estimates for all required work including the initial foundation and house framing, full wall construction, interior design, painting, exterior vinyl or wood siding, the door installation, your automatic garage opener installation, and everything else too.

You will know exactly what must be done to enjoy your new home garage in Houston!

Garage Construction: Contract

Once a free estimate is discussed with you and our lead project managers, we will issue a very transparent contract.

This contract protects you throughout the course of the project and sets clear deadlines, objectives, and obligations for both you and our company.

Nothing will be a surprise or unknown because our contracts clearly state how the project should go for everyone to be happy with a successful project completion.

Best Garage Home Additions in Houston

We are confident that we can provide the best new home addition construction services. For Houston garage addition construction, give Aura a call.

We will make sure everything is fully taken care of so you can enjoy a new garage that is not only functional, but beautiful too. 

Besides the garage door installation, we can also handle garage roofing construction, siding installation, and other parts of your new garage construction in Houston that make your home look and feel beautiful.

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