Learn More About Roll Up Garage Doors

March 05, 2020
Learn More About Roll Up Garage Doors

There are many benefits to using a roll-up garage door. Roll ups last longer, are secure, more durable, and are perfect for many garages - especially commercial properties. Keep reading to learn more about roll up garage doors!

What is a Roll Up Garage Door?

Roll-up garage doors use a unique style of metal slats that can be rolled up, much like a carpet. The door in the down position looks smooth and flat as each metal slat falls into place. When it is lifted, the door will wind up around a long narrow drum about the same width of the door opening. This allows almost any type of property install a garage door because there are no requirements for ceiling supports or space. It is a very great type of door for garages with limited space or high rise ceilings. 

Benefits of Roll-Up Garage Doors

Garage doors come in a variety of styles, but roll-up doors are very special. They are much more durable than other doors and are even commonly used for storefronts, warehouses, and other commercial buildings that need added protection. Due to their design, a roll-up door can be pushed backward. The door may move a few inches back, but generally absorbs the impact. This makes it very hard for anyone to break through a roll-up garage door. Of course, these doors come in a variety of materials with some being more secure than others. 

- Do not take up ceiling space

- Can be installed in warehouses or high-rise ceiling garages

- Increased security, perfect for commercial solutions

- Affordable and ideal for multiple garage openings

- Easily replaceable 

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