What You Need to Know About Garage Door Springs

February 13, 2020
What You Need to Know About Garage Door Springs

Licensed Garage Door Repair in Houston

Fixing a garage door spring is absolutely necessary if your garage door springs are cracking, broken, or missing. The springs help manage the pressure of the door to assist with opening/closing. A garage door spring is not safe to use without the correct springs being properly installed. Garage door spring repair and spring replacement are best left to a professional garage door company. Garage Door Houston sends out the best garage door repair technicians to perform free estimates, full inspections, routine maintenance, part or whole door replacements, and any sort of garage repair. Homeowners and renters should make a point to visually assess their garage door to look for signs of wear and tear or other problems with a garage door spring. Garage door springs are very important and when they break, they can become very dangerous. Acting as an explosive force of metal shrapnel, garage springs are not safe when they break under pressure. Components of your door can fling across the garage, damaging your property, belongings, and even your family, friends, or self. This is why it is important to make sure that a qualified, licensed garage door technician takes care of your garage door spring repair or replacement.

Spring Replacement

It is important to completely replace garage door springs from time to time, especially as they show signs of degradation and potential breaks. If a spring is bent oddly or cracking, it is definitely time to replace the spring. As you know, a flawed spring can cause a lot of damage, so it is not safe to keep using your garage door if a spring is very old or visibly broken or weak. Garage door spring replacements are not that expensive, so it is definitely worth it to call a professional garage door repair company if you are a Houston homeowner or commercial property owner/manager that needs an inspection or free estimate. 

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are different types of garage door springs that have their own characteristics and purposes. Different springs are used because everything depends on the type of garage door you have installed in your home. There are doors that swing open, slide to the side, go up and down, fold up, or even roll up! With so many variations of each type of garage door, it's no surprise that there are specific garage door springs that must be used.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are not hard to replace or repair, so if you know are using extension springs then we can definitely help you out. If you are not sure, you can tell that it's an extension spring by size and placement. Extension springs are long, skinny and they run parallel to each of the horizontal garage door tracks. If you need extension spring replacement, then Garage Door Houston is here to make sure the job is done correctly and affordably!

Learn More About Garage Door Springs

Torsion Springs

If you have one or more large springs on a strong metal rod that is right above the garage door opening, then you are using torsion springs. We can definitely repair or replace torsion springs, so just give us a call! Your torsion springs are extremely important if you expect your garage door to remain functioning. If your garage door is not working properly or you notice issues with the spring, make sure you do not attempt repairs on your own. Springs are dangerous to work with, especially for untrained people attempting a do-it-yourself solution. The pressure springs are put under can cause them to explode outwards, so you definitely need a professional garage door company to install them.

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