Why You Need Safety Camera Sensors for Your Garage Doors

February 14, 2020
Why You Need Safety Camera Sensors for Your Garage Doors

If you have a garage door, you must surely understand that the weight of the door and mechanisms of opening and closing the door can all be quite dangerous. Children, elderly, or even healthy and active adults can be injured or even fatally wounded by a garage door, especially if it collapses. Safety sensors are important because they prevent the garage door from closing or opening when something is in the way. This is a crucial precaution for preventing property damage or injury. Learn more about garage door safety sensors and how we help homeowners ensure the safety and well-being of their families and friends.

What is a Safety Sensor?

A garage door safety sensor camera is used to detect any sort of obstruction in the path of the garage door. The sensors are installed on the sides of the door, and use motion detectors to alert the garage door to stop moving when anything goes under the door opening. If a small child walks across the path of the safety sensors, it will tell the garage door opener to stop in its tracks. This saves countless people and belongings from suffering a garage door collapse or crushing accident.

What Do I Need for My Garage Door Safety Sensor?

You only need to purchase the actual garage safety sensors and have them installed properly. Once this is done, the sensors will be programmed and connected with your garage door opener and receiver. This is what lets the garage door stop moving in its door tracks automatically when someone or something is detected as being under the door opening. As long as you have these other components and do not have a manually opened/closed garage door, then the whole job will be quite affordable. That said, even if you need a new garage door opener, the whole service for installing the new machinery can be very affordable when you go through our reputable garage door repair and installation company. We will make sure you are taken care of fully, no matter what your garage door needs to have new safety sensors installed. 

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