Garage Door Cables

A garage door cable is always under a lot of pressure, with extreme tension. You should not attempt to service, repair, or replace a garage door cable on your own. This job is best left to a professional who can safely work with the garage cable. Garage cables make it easy for doors of all weights to be lifted, by balancing the weight of the door against spring tension. This all goes very smoothly when other parts such as the garage door drums are also intact and strong.

It is important to understand some facts about your garage door cables. We always help our customers learn more about garage door maintenance service and general tips for taking care of their home garage. If you have a popular standard-lift garage door, your cable is most likely around a foot and a half longer than the height of your garage door. Of course, Garage Door Houston can take the proper measurements for any garage door cable replacement. For standard-lift residential garage doors, the cable length should be the door height plus 18 inches. When measuring an old cable, measure the full length including loops, spools, thimbles, and stops.

Cable Replacement

It may be necessary to completely replace your garage door cables. This may be the case if the wear and tear on any cable is putting the integrity and safety of your garage door at risk. A lot of times, it is not too expensive to replace a garage door component, and cheaper and safer than attempting to fix an old part. It is very important that every piece of your garage door and opener is strong and installed correctly. Our professional garage door company in Houston can definitely handle your cable replacement.

Cable Repair

If your cable is stuck or in a weird position, you definitely should call a professional garage door repair company before you keep using the door. If the cable is twisted, aligned incorrectly, or if any other part such as a drum or spring appear to be offset from their normal positions, you shouldn't use the door. There is a good chance that your garage door is not properly balanced, or the installation was done incorrectly. However, it is important to know that over time your garage door parts will require repair. Garage Door Houston can repair your cable and replace or repair your garage drums, a spring, or even the entire door.

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Garage Door Houston has been working in and around Greater Houston for many years. We help homeowners and commercial property owners or managers with garage door repair, replacement, and new garage door installations. We can take care of any garage remodeling job, installation for a new building or in-progress construction site, or really any other garage related service.
Our expertise is unmatched, and our estimates / bids are truly competitive, achievable, and ideal for Houston residents. We will make sure you are extremely happy with your new garage door, repairs, maintenance, or other services.

If you own or manage a commercial property, or residential / apartment complex, then you should definitely consider Garage Door Houston for your garage door repairs, maintenance, and other services. We can definitely provide you with the best rates for Houston garage door services, and we always deliver a premium service. We are 100% dedicated to this industry and have been helping commercial customers for a long time. We are sure that we will be able to build a strong business relationship with you through both phone and in-person conversations. We would love to help your Houston business with any commercial garage door services you require. Start today by giving us a call and scheduling an absolutely free estimate for your garage doors.

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