Garage Door Cable Drums

Cable drums are very important for making sure you have a working and safe garage door. They are at the end of a door shaft, and are easily identifiable as they look like metal wheels.

There are a few different types of garage cable drums you should know about. All of these types of drums are important, so we would be happy to repair or replace any type of garage drum should your drums fall into disrepair or are behaving strangely. If your drums are making odd noises or moving around, you need to stop using your door immediately and give us a call to avoid inevitable issues that could force you to fully replace your door, or suffer extreme damage or injury.

Standard Lift Garage Drums

Standard-lift Drum Replacement

This is a very common type of garage drum, so you more than likely are using standard lift garage door drums. We are very accustomed to working with standard lift drums, so offering repairs or replacements for your drums is easy.

Standard lift style drums are somewhat flat, with a groove that allows for a portion of the drum to be raised. This allows your garage door to open very smoothly and safely, while still being stable. This is the type of drum that keeps your door very well-balanced when you are opening the door, but is strong enough to keep your door open at the halfway point or at other heights. There are several different sizes of standard lift drums...

Your cable drums are designed to be used for very specific sizes, so it's possible you are using a different type of drum, especially varying in diameter. Whatever you need though, you can be sure that our professional garage door company in Houston can take care of you completely. We constantly replace standard-lift drums to make sure everyone can benefit from smooth and safe opening and closing! Keep reading to learn more about variations of garage door cable drums.

Vertical Lift Cable Drums

Replacing Vertical-Lift Garage Drums

Vertical lift garage doors are different because they do not have curved parts of track. The garage door opens straight up and backwards at an angle. As the cable wraps around a vertical lift drum, it moves closer to the shaft when the door is being opened. This is different than a standard lift drum that stays level from the start.

As you can see, vertical lift drums look a little different because of their cone shape. This allows them to move in a unique way, offering stability and safety for your garage door when it is closed and in the process of being opened.

If you need to repair vertical lift drums, you can definitely replace them completely without a problem or paying much at all. Vertical lift cable drum replacement is affordable and easy for our professional garage door repair company.

High Lift Garage Drums

High-Lift Cable Drum Replacement & Repair

High lift garage doors use a longer straight part of track, separating the top roller and the curved track. High lift cable drums look similar to vertical lift drums because they are raised on one side, and more narrow on the other. As the cable wraps around the high lift drum, it gradually gets close to the shaft - similar to a vertical lift drum. Eventually as the cable takes up more room around the drum, the drum becomes level as the cable continues to wrap around. At that point it acts similar to a standard lift drum because it becomes straight, balanced, and level. High lift cable drums are almost like a hybrid between vertical lift and standard lift drums. While they do have a more narrow side and a thicker side, they are not exactly a cone shape. High-lift drums wrap cable in a unique way as they shift into a standard lift style wrapping motion after only a few rotations of cable wrapping.

Cable drums keep your garage door balanced and perfectly level as the strong garage cables wrap around the drums. There are grooves in the drums that allow the cables to wrap around without interfering with the actual door functionality. Residential doors usually use standard drums that are around 4 inches in diameter, while heavier doors and commercial installations mostly use 5 inch drums.

You definitely need to replace your garage drums if you are noticing cracks or other issues. For example, if any of the grooves in the cable drum are worn, the cables can slip. Additionally, if your drums are not rotating smoothly or making noise, you know it is time for a door inspection and servicing. It is very important to repair or replace your garage door cable drums if you are experiencing problems because of the responsibility they have for your garage door's balancing during opening and closing. Without the drums, your garage will experience major issues and may even collapse, cause or suffer from irreparable damage, and make your door unusable.

What We Do

We will fully inspect your garage door's cable drums to make sure they are safe for continued use, free of wear and tear, and secured in place to support your door. If they are not, we will give you free estimates or standard pricing for your drum replacements and repairs.

If you are replacing your cable drums, it is very important to make sure the job is completed safely. It is important to ensure the door is secured and steady before removing the cable drums. Additionally, the door must not be used while the drums are being replaced - opening or closing it while a technician is in the process of replacing cable drums is extremely dangerous. You should trust a professional garage door company in Houston like ours if you need to replace or repair your cable drums.

While we are at your home and inspecting your garage door for cable drum repairs or replacement, we can definitely offer you FREE estimates on anything in your garage. Whether you want to repair your door, paint your door, or do something else - we got it covered.

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