Garage Door Houston has been active in the repair and installation industry for many years. If you need help repairing or replacing your automatic opener and remote or reconnecting and configuring your door opening technology, then we are here to help.

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Fix Your Opener and Remote Technology

Garage Door Houston helps homeowners and commercial property owners fix automatic garage openers. We can inspect your opener to make sure it is in working order, or diagnose the problem. You may need to repair the opener or even replace your door opener. It is almost impossible to know for sure without having a professional taking a look. If you need to fix a broken door opener, you definitely have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how we repair openers and remotes.

What is a Garage Door Opener?
Automatic garage door openers are motorized devices that automatically open and close the garage door. Using carefully engineered mechanisms, the door can be opened and closed safely and without any help from you. There is no need to lift your it up or carefully let it down - an automatic opener takes care of that for you!

Should You Use a Garage Door Opener?
Garage door openers help you open and close your garage without any hassle. The machine will safely pull and release the chain to your garage door, allowing it to go up and down without any need for human assistance. Simply click a button on your wall-mounted remote, or use the handheld remotes. Openers help in so many ways. Your children can safely open or close the garage door without needing to lift it manually. This obviously is very good for the elderly, or really anyone not able to lift the door or safely close it. If you have bad or weak knees, a stressed back, or other physical concerns, then a garage opener will make your life a lot easier. More importantly, door openers make your garage a lot safer for your family and guests - no matter their age or physical capability. Even people who are physically fit have thrown out their backs and injured themselves while trying to open or close their garage door.

We will come to your home for a free estimate appointment, at which time we may be able to fully repair your garage door opener. Depending on the problem, we may have to come back, but don't worry - our first appointment is totally free, and it doesn't cost you a single penny for us to come out, diagnose the problems with your door opener and remotes, and help you understand how to repair your garage opener!
While we complete our inspections, we can look at various components to make sure your door is safe and good to keep using for months or years to come. We can also perform routine garage door maintenance service for you at very affordable rates.

If your opener is totally defunct, you may need to replace it completely. This involves making sure the opener is safely removed along with any chains or other components that won't be used with your new opener. It is important to understand why your door opener is broken. Technicians at Garage Door Houston are well-trained and very experienced to help assess it completely. We can figure out if there is a problem with the type of opener you have, based on the type of door installation, the weight of it, and other technical aspects. We will make sure your garage door replacement goes smoothly and you install an automatic opener that will work for years to come.

Popular Garage Door Openers
If you are looking for garage door replacement services, we can definitely help you. Here are some of the most common and popular brands. We can work with any brand of garage door opener for repairs, or install new opener too!

- Chamberlain: A popular choice of brand because of their established reputation as a reliable garage door opener manufacturer.

- Ryobi: Many homeowners have used a Ryobi Ultra-Quiet door opener model because of its price, reliability, and low noise level.

- Genie: As a company doing more and more for homeowners, you can rely on Genie for smart-home technology and very good pricing.

- LiftMaster: We can repair LiftMaster openers or install new units without a problem. This brand has been around for a while and is very reliable.

- Craftsman: Automatic openers from Craftsman are another popular choice among homeowners with garages in Houston.

- NEXX: While not as well known as other brands, NEXX is bringing smart-home technology to countless home garages.

Garage Door Remotes

Garage Door Houston can repair your garage door remote technology. We frequently reconfigure and program garage openers, or replace remotes completely for an affordable cost. We make sure every customer can open their door, or close it without a problem - from the luxury of their car, inside the garage, or elsewhere.

If you have a broken remote, you should definitely call Garage Door Houston at (281) 631-3610! We can fix door remotes very affordably either by replacing broken components and diagnosing the problems to repair openers or the main wall-mounted responder. We reprogram your broken garage door remote so that it connects properly. That way your door can open and close automatically, at the press of a button!

Broken Garage Door Remotes

In order for your garage door remote and opener to work properly, you must make sure they are programmed and paired together. Your remote must send the correct signal to trigger your garage door opener to either close or open immediately. The biggest issue customers have with a new garage remote or opener is that they are not connected correctly. We can pair your garage opener and remote, making sure that all necessary programming is valid.

It is important to make sure that your remote and the responder are all fully powered. If your remote is broken, it is definitely possible that some technology simply needs new batteries or an active and working power source. Make sure you check to make sure everything has fully working batteries and consider upgrading to long-lasting or rechargeable batteries to avoid any issues in the future. You should also make sure your garage door opener and the responder are both correctly connected and able to use the energy required to work properly full-time. We can definitely help you figure out what the problem is if your door remote is no longer working. If multiple remotes have stopped working, there is a good chance that your responder or the opening mechanism itself needs repairs or replacement.

You may need to replace your garage door remote if it is defective or not working. Dropping your garage remote on a hard surface, exposing it to cold weather or water, or damaging it in other ways can definitely cause your automatic opener to break. However, it is important to trust a reputable repair company to inspect your garage opener and remotes to diagnose the issue. It's possible that your garage remote is simply out of battery or not programmed correctly to work with your door opener's responder.

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