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We will make sure to complete a full inspection of your garage door and make you aware of any issues. We'll repair any single component, or we can schedule your full garage door replacement if it is beyond repair. We provide free estimates on all garage door repairs, replacements, and new installations. If you need help with your garage door, Garage Door Houston is here to help.

Our technicians are all extremely well-trained and experienced in the garage door industry. They are able to work with all different types of garage doors, openers, sensors and remotes, and anything you may need repaired or replaced. We work with standard-lift, high-lift, and vertical-lift garage doors, of varying types - the most common sectional garage door, roll-up garage doors, side-swinging, tilt-up, and any other garage door in Houston. We believe the core of our business relies on honest business practices. We will always perform a full inspection and only attempt to replace or repair a component if it truly is necessary. We will give you honest information and advice as it pertains to the state of your garage door. Our pricing structure and estimating process follow company policies and competitive market rates. We do not make it up on the fly, so you can be sure to receive the best service from our garage door professionals.

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Garage Door Repair

Fixing your garage door is important if you want to keep using it without breaking it more. Garage doors may seem like something you do not have to worry about, but there are many moving parts that are vital to your door's lifetime and safety. It is important to schedule routine garage door maintenance so that you can avoid major problems. However, if you need garage door repairs now, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call and setting up a repair service appointment, or scheduling your free estimate for any garage door repair.

We can repair any garage door part for any type of garage door. Once we perform our full inspection, we can show you what is wrong with the door or what needs to be replaced soon. It is very important to replace garage door parts that have signs of wear and tear, especially important parts that need to be aligned properly and intact to support the weight and pressure of the door.


We can repair garage door drums, cables, tracks, springs, and any other component in your garage. We will always assess the safety of your door before and after any repair. It is important that your garage stays stabilized during any repair or replacement job. A lot of times a component needs to be fully replaced, especially if it is weakened, cracking, or clearly in bad condition. If we notice that a part was installed or used incorrectly, we can fix the part install or replace it entirely. You will need to definitely replace garage door springs from time to time, as these are under the most pressure.

Garage Door Houston is the best company in Houston for all of your garage door repairs, full door replacements, and maintenance. If you need an inspection or free estimate, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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