Garage door Repair

Certified Local Repair Specialists. Call Today for a Garage Repair Estimate. Local Installation Pros. Flexible Financing. All Major Brands & Models. Highlights: In-Home Consultation, Knowledgeable Professional, Same Day Appointments, Certified Local Repair Specialist, Competitive Price.

Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Houston provides various repair services which will remove almost any difficulties you’re having with your garage doors in Houston, TX.

The great news is that the garage door will not need to be out of service for quite long. Area Garage Door is prepared to step in and return your garage door to appropriate working order.
Not every repair is the same, but this is advisable should you be experiencing the subsequent issues with your garage door to contact us:

  • Garage door becomes stuck when going up or down and is not going to completely open or shut
  • Door starts to shimmy to either side when it shuts or opens
  • A noise that is loud sounds when door is closing or opening, like squealing, grinding or screeching
  • The garage door opener is really no longer operating

Each one of our service technicians has collected close to a decade of expertise in repair and garage door installation. Issues with residential and commercial garage doors are frequently a fast and simple repair for our team of professionals. Another perk supplied by Area Garage Door is that its repair service is accessible 24 hours a day. 

After your company has closed for the day or if something bad happens over the weekend, there will likely be no added cost for our service. We bring you the same high quality service which is now interchangeable with Area Garage Door.

It’s vital that you remember a garage door that is busted is an immediate safety risk. In a commercial setting, workers are subjected to possible risk. And in the residence, kids and relatives possess the capacity to get hurt. Keep residence and your workplace free from risk by attending to your broken garage door immediately.

Garage Door Houston Repair Specialists Are Ready to Earn Your Business!

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  • Garage Door Springs
  • Garage Door Replacements
  • Garage Door Rollers
  • Garage Door Torsion Springs
  • Garage Door Cables
  • Garage Door Drums
  • Garage Door Tracks
  • Neglected Garage Doors
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garage door houston repair

Residential Garage Doors

Garage Door Houston offers an assortment of residential garage door repair services to Houston and all surrounding cities. We understand how critical your garage door is to protecting your vehicle from the components and for keeping your home sheltered too, which is the reason we do such a great job more than repair garage doors and garage door openers. 

Make us the first and the last business you call whenever need proficient and quality residential garage door repair services. When you require a garage door repair services, look no further than Garage Door Houston.

All garage door and garage door openers are not made a similar way, which implies they can’t be overhauled a similar way. We’ll ensure we by and by tailor your services to fit your particular needs and also the necessities of your garage door. Our assortment of garage door repair services incorporate proficient garage door installations, repair, and maintenance.

At whatever point a Garage Door Houston expert comes out to your  home or business building, they’ll first altogether review your garage door to perceive what should be done, regardless of whether it be replacing rollers, cables, springs or just fixing a noisy garage door. 

They’ll likewise make a point to remain in steady correspondence with you so you comprehend what’s going on thus that you’re sure about the wording with regards to garage door models and materials. After the occupation is done, we’ll even dispose of your old garage door for you.

Garage Door Repair & Installation In Baytown
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Commercial Garage Door Service and Repair

Commercial Garage Door Service and Repair

A broken commercial garage door just inconvenient, it’s additionally a wellbeing danger to your workers. What’s more, an entryway needing garage door services or repair can debilitate the security of your business’ area. At Garage Door Houston, we endeavor to guarantee your commercial never needs to go for long without a working commercial garage door, so if your entrance garage door is stuck or slipped off the track, get in touch with us today for quote and services.

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The Best Garage Door Repair Services in Houston Texas

Want to hire a professional to look at why your garage door is making a creaking noise whenever you open it? At Garage Door Houston, we will inspect your garage door and find out the root of the problem. The garage door can be the main entrance to your house and we understand how important the repair service can be. That is why we always send experienced workers to inspect the problem and even more experienced guys to repair the doors. Moreover, you may have an expensive car in your garage and a slight disturbance to the garage door means the car is vulnerable to theft.

Garage Door Houston offers a range of garage door services. From grinding doors to doors that have expanded because of moisture, we are here to provide a solution for every kind of problem that is related to your garage door. If you are wondering whether we will be able to repair your garage door, then here are some of the services that we normally provide for repairs alone:

Spring replacement

Heavy garage doors often use coiled springs that help to raise and lower the door easily. It is a component that makes sure that the door works smoothly. However, there are times when the spring becomes faulty and loses its elasticity. It can happen because of the daily use of the door or sometimes, they just break from the hinges. The door will become inoperative when that happens. Although there are options to repair the spring we will advise you to get the spring replaced.

You will be able to understand that the spring is broken when the door makes a lot of noise while opening and closing. Also, the door will become hard to raise. When you notice anything as such, do not forget to call us. We provide quality springs that last for a long time. Replacing a spring attached to the garage door requires precise control because the garage door can break down while the spring is being replaced. That is why we send a team of technicians who would support the door while the spring is changed.

It is advised not to try and replace the spring on your own. There will be further damage to the garage door that will increase the cost of the repair.

Weather seal replacement

This is something that every garage should have and Garage Door Houston will provide excellent weatherstripping to your garage door. It will keep pests and dirt outside the garage and the garage will be safe inside. Our technicians will visit your garage and take detailed measurements of the door. The weather seal replacement is a time-consuming process but we will make sure you get quality service all the time.

After the measurements are taken, we will replace the old seal with the new one. If your garage door does not have a weather seal, we can also install a new one. Once the weather seal is installed, we will check the garage door to ensure that it is working properly. We will also ask you to check the door so that you are fully satisfied with what you get. We always advise everyone to get a weather seal installed in the garage door because it helps to keep the garage clean and warm during winters and cool during summers.

Broken cables

These are very crucial to keep the garage doors function properly. Individual wires are wrapped together around the doors to form a thicker cable that is then put together to form a stronger cable that holds the door together. The main problem with broken cables is that even if a couple of wires become loose or get damaged due to some reason, the door will start making a noise and sometimes will become very difficult to open. These cables basically hold the weight of the door and when there are broken cables, the door will tend to slide down frequently. There will come a time when the cables will not be able to pull the weight up anymore and the cables have to be fully replaced.

Garage Door Houston provides top-notch repairs for broken cables. We are able to identify the cables that are creating the problem and will replace them immediately. In addition to the identified broken cables, if our technicians notice that some of the other cables also need replacement, they will suggest the best option at that moment so that your garage doors work at its best.

Garage door cables can get damaged due to regular wear and tear. Sometimes, they just snap for no reason at all. Once there are a number of damaged cables on the door, it starts to slide down almost as soon as you open the door. These are symptoms that the cables are damaged. You can call us immediately to get the door fixed in no time.

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Faulty garage door remote

Those who have automated garage doors often face the problem of the remote control not working properly. You may have tried replacing the batteries or coming in the range of the door to make sure the remote works. But, what if all these remedies fail?

Garage Door Houston will come to your rescue. In most cases, the faulty garage door remote suffers from a programming issue. Since these remotes work according to specific codes, the sudden change in the code may make the remote faulty. Although it is possible to buy a new remote it would be quite costly. Our service charges to repair garage door remotes are quite reasonable compared to the cost of a new remote.

Faulty hinges and brackets

The cables, springs, brackets, and hinges are all parts of the door that helps it to open and close smoothly. Any disturbance to this set will create creaking noise or the door may become hard to open. 

One of the most common repair problems that we have identified and repaired are the hinges and brackets. It is difficult for car-owners to grease the hinges or spray lubricants on the springs. If the garage has been used for years, the hinges and brackets tend to wear down. The absence of lubricants and grease makes them dry and soon they break.

We have an efficient team that is 24 x 7 ready to fix your garage door. Replacing hinges and brackets do not take much time and the service charges are also pocket-friendly.

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New Installations

In addition to repairing your garage door, we are also known for installing new garage doors. If you want to upgrade your old garage door to something new, we will offer a wide variety of doors that would be suitable for your needs and will also come within your budget. 

From wooden garage doors to the ones that are fully automatic, we have technicians who are experienced enough to handle the new installation of any kind of garage door you want. You can discuss with our experts about the different garage doors and which one would be suitable. Our experts will only offer the best door that suits your budget and meets the quality standards.

Residential garage door repairs

Garage Door Houston has been a long-serving company to all home-owners who have their own garage. We have repaired thousands of garage doors in the past and never faced any complaints from our clients. Be it a simple spring replacement or repairing a broken door, we have accomplished every challenge that clients have thrown at us. Our experience with residential garage doors is immense. Plus, the fact that we do not charge a fortune for our repair services is what makes us so popular amongst the old and new clients.

Commercial garage door repairs

If the garage is the entryway to your factory or office, the door should be secure enough to make sure that there is no harm done to the cars inside. Commercial garage doors are generally huge in size. 

We have a team of dedicated technicians who are experts at servicing commercial garage doors. Compared to the residential garages, the commercial ones require frequent maintenance. 

You can contact us for monthly maintenance of your garage doors and if there is anything wrong, the cost is on us. You will not have to pay for the hinges or the springs or anything that is related to the doors.

Why hire us?

There are numerous companies that claim to offer a high-quality garage door repair service. But, what is it that makes us any different from the other providers?

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to hire us:

  • We are available 24 x 7 x 365. It can be any time of the year, if there is any problem with your garage door, we will be there to help.
  • We have got licensed technicians working with us. This has helped to improve our quality of service to a great extent.
  • We are more affordable than any other company around. You are free to compare our rates with others.

We would be honored to have you as our new client. If you believe in getting a garage repair service that is worth spending the money on, then call us at (281) 631 3610. We will be happy to help.

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