Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Houston can repair garage door springs or replace them fully without a problem! If you need a new garage door spring, you have come to the right place. We will safely remove your old, weakened spring and replace it with a brand new, strong door spring.

Spring repair is best left to a professional garage door company because it can be extremely unsafe to remove or attempt to replace your garage spring without an expert to handle the job. These springs hold a lot of tension, in order to have enough force to move your door. A spring for your garage must be capable of withholding a maximum amount of pressure and weight, but the slightest misalignment or improper installation can cause it to break or come out. A spring can fly across your garage without an issue due to the pressure it holds, and even cause components of your garage to explode outward. This acts as shrapnel that can severely or fatally wound anyone nearby, and definitely destroy your belongings or car. You need to call a professional garage door company in Houston if you are wanting to install or replace springs.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

To replace a spring, you need to know what type of spring you have. You may have an extension spring, or a torsion spring. Both types of door springs are found on the very common sectional doors. However, if you have a swing-up, side-swinging, or another type of door then you may have vertical springs on both sides, referred to as side springs. Garage Door Houston can work with any brand or type of garage door, even if you need to fully replace your garage door. We can repair or replace any garage door part / component, but if you are not sure what needs to be worked on then you can schedule your free inspection and estimate.

With a long and skinny spring that runs parallel to each of your horizontal garage tracks, you will be using extension springs. We can replace extension springs very affordably, so don't worry if you think you may need a new extension spring or need it re-installed.
If you have one or more larger springs on a rod made of strong metal that is directly above your garage opening, then you are using torsion springs.

Garage Door Spring Repair

It is important to realize that repairing a garage door spring will usually consist of fully replacing the spring. Of course, a misaligned or poorly installed spring can be fixed, but if your spring is actually cracked or snapped then you need to replace the spring. There is no type of glue or welding available that would provide a stable, safe experience... For that reason, a truly broken spring is fully replaced with a new spring. Luckily, the cost of a new spring is not expensive, so you can call (281) 631-3610 for an inspection and repair service appointment for your garage door in Houston or surrounding areas.

When is it time to replace a garage door spring?

Springs are expected to last for 10 years or more, but improper or frequent use can obviously lower this. If a door is installed incorrectly, or the spring is not aligned properly, then the spring will likely snap a lot sooner than expected. Furthermore, if the spring is not of the right type or of the right strength to hold the weight and pressure of your garage door, it will snap quickly. The heavier your door is, the more heavy-duty the spring needs to be. Garage Door Houston will make sure your springs are of the right type and strength to handle your garage door without a problem. If not, we will happily replace the spring with the safest and most durable option available for your installation.

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