Roll-Up Garage Doors

Roll up garage doors are one of the best types if you have limited ceiling or wall space. You can also save yourself some room on your ceilings or walls to make space available for storage, hanging items, or even a workshop area! Roll-ups consist of many metal slats that can wind around a main drum, right above the garage opening. This allows the door to roll up and down without needing to lay flat above your car parking spot like a standard door. Garage doors that roll up are more common in commercial properties, but are perfect for many home solutions!

Your roll-up door can be fully repaired by Garage Door Houston, or even replaced. We will install a new roll up in your home or commercial property without a problem. We can take all of the necessary measurements during our initial inspection so that our free estimate is spot on. Do not worry - we will take care of everything from door removal, installation, and even the final touch-ups to your painting, trim, or other garage components.

Installing a Roll-Up Garage Door

Much like other types of garage doors, you can install an automatic opener for your roll-up door. Openers allow your door to open and close without human labor or efforts. With the click of a button, it can open, close, or even stop in its tracks. Your roll-up door should definitely have an automatic opener installed alongside it so that you can avoid having to use a wind-up mechanism to open and close it or other strenuous methods that require human strength and attention. Without a garage door opener, you are introducing uneccessary risk because it is always safer to rely on a garage door opening machine than it is to force yourself or someone you know to open and close the door. Similarly, your roll up garage opener should be programmed and connected to safety sensors that keep your family, belongings, and car protected from the door opening or closing.

Your garage door can be equipped with safety sensors, even if you have a roll up style garage door. Safety cameras use modern detection techniques to identify obstacles or people in the path of the garage door. This will force the garage door to stop in its tracks if it is going to close on someone. The main purpose of the safety sensors is to prevent the roll-up garage door from moving at all when someone or something is in the way. This can be a major benefit for not much upfront money at all. Consider the chance of your child, friend, or your car being hit by the heavy garage door. This is never good, and it is no exaggeration that many families are affected by garage doors closing on them or their belongings because they never spent a little bit of extra money to install proper safety sensors.

If you need to repair a roll-up garage door then it is important to trust a reputable garage door repair company in Houston. Our company can take care of you, starting at our first appointment. We will come to your home to inspect your full garage door installation, garage opener, and other components. We can give you free estimates on anything that needs to be repaired to make sure that your rollup garage door is in working order for many months or years to come. Remember, it is important to schedule routine garage door maintenance, so if you have not done so for a while (or ever) then you should definitely consider having us perform maintenance services alongside our free estimate appointment..

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